One of Apple's newest iPhone and iPad developers is a 13 year old technology prodigy living in the United States. This student, Jai Bhavnani is a programming whiz who has built applications for years now but yet wasn't even alive when Apple was founded back in 1976.

Teenagers like Jai Bhavnani are very difficult to find. These teenagers fancy themselves as entrepreneurs and this just fills me with awe. Jai Bhavnani makes many feel old, for example Brian Wong who is the creator of Kiip. Jai Bhavnani started programming back when he was nine years old!

Jai Bhavnani has many notable achievements at the age of 13. This young entrepreneur has been invited to try Google Glass four times! He also told us that he was invited to Google Domains beta as well as an invite to Google Inbox, a month before it was launched to the public. Jai told us that there were a couple more that we could discuss at a later time--such as a job offer for $140,000 a year!

"People sometimes cannot believe the change that somebody can do with a single keyboard. I believe that I can change the technological world from such a young perspective and I encourage as many children to join me as possible. " Jai Bhavnani told us at a earlier date.

Jai has told us that he has quite a few projects going on at once, but he recently launched his biggest project by far. This was an application called Matchers( and is destined to change the gaming world. Without any advertising it was downloaded 1,500 times worldwide within a time span of 7 days. Jai is still working on this application and is adding many more features that will change the entire game-play experience. He thinks that Matchers will greatly change up the mobile industry.

Jai Bhavnani is not just a technology prodigy, he also exceeds in his classes within his school. He is in multiple programs for specially talented students like him, an example of this would be John Hopkins Center For The Talented Youth (CTY). Jai works as hard as he can to achieve the best he can, inside and outside of school.

This boy has told us that he wanted to attend the World Wide Developers Conference of 2014, but he was too young. He received a personal call from an Apple employee to join them for the conference. This call took place a month after the conference was sold out. Jai Bhavnani has told us that he will try and submit an application to receive a scholarship to get into the conference while being underage.

Jai Bhavnani has shown us a hint at the children of the twenty-first century. Jai is destined to revolutionize the world and if he can do this at such a young age, what is he going to do when he is 14? 16? 18? Zuckerberg has some competition coming from a very young age even in his standards.

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