May 27, 2013: In the battle against mold growth, while some cities are still trying to understand the importance of mold inspection, Nashville residents have gone a step ahead of the rest of America. Mold testing Nashville Companies has released a list of recommendations that property owners and tenants should take while battling toxic back molds. The Companies have come up with these recommendations in consultation with the country’s finest Environmental Hygienists.

First, residents should never resort to home remedies. It may help clean the house but it will never help eradicate the growth of molds. Mold inspectors should be immediately employed if there are any indications of mold growth like musty smell, constant allergic reactions among the inmates, etc. Once the molds inspectors confirm the presence of mold, the area of mold growth should be sealed off immediately. This can be done by clear plastic sheeting. It will prevent the molds spores from travelling around the house and increase the contamination rate.

If there are any residents present in the house while the mold is remediated than the inmates should also wear breathing respirator mask with organic vapor filters or a 3M mask. Unless it cannot be helped, residents should clear the house while the cleanup is in process. Children and elders should never be present at such locations.

Once the mold remediation process starts, operate an ozone generator for an extent of at least seven hours. All heating/cooling equipments and ducts should undergo this process. No living organism including pets and plants should be present inside the building while the area is ozone treated. If possible, do not reuse the materials that are contaminated by molds like curtains, carpets, etc.

Residents should understand that mold remediation does not stop with the professional. These measures should be carefully taken so that no one is contaminated due to exposure. To gather added information on mold testing in Nashville please, visit here.


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