121Speech released more information on current events and procedures taking place at both their locations in Guatemala and Peru.

Staff training has been completed for online lessons at the Cusco Peru location as of 09/01/2009, concluding with the return of the training team to Guatemala. The Peruvian teachers will formally start tutoring sometime in late September and be in full force for online classes by the start of October. Oscar Ortega will be heading up the team from Maximo Nivel in Peru to ensure a smooth transition and tackle any unforeseen problems that may arise. The dedicated online tutoring studio is due for completion by mid September with the installation of new high powered computers, noise cancellation systems, high definition cameras and lighting offering a new generation of web 2.0 online Spanish classes. Ken Jones, CEO of Maximo Nivel says "the tutoring platform will bring a whole new dimension to the world of online classes". "The interactive lessons will be more virtual than ever before and set a new standard in live teaching".

Craig Jull, owner of 121Speech (http://www.121speech.com) has been diligently working at the Antigua Guatemala school upgrading hardware, computers, file systems and internet capabilities in his quest to bring students the best Spanish school by internet. This has included extensive expansion of the current Internet infrastructure at the school, server upgrades, higher velocity connections and enhanced computers. "Our plan is to leave no stone unturned and eliminate any potential problems, even if it requires substantial investment". "Customer satisfaction and a quality lesson will always be priority number 1", says Craig. 121Speech has employed a new technical team to direct and control the internet infrastructure currently being installed at the Antigua facility.

The Spanish language center has been a hive of activity for the last 2 weeks with the arrival of a large group of Danish students for personal Spanish classes at the school. Viva.org contracts Spanish Language center to tutor the students on average for 2-3 weeks before they continue onto Honduras. The group will then perform charity work for Viva while living in the community. This is a great chance for young students wanting to help in poverty stricken areas. A recent quote by Craig Jull, “It helps the volunteers just as much as the local population, as it gives them a sense of making a contribution while building their own skills and self esteem". "The students leave with a much better understanding of life in Central America and hardships endured by Hondurans".

Ken Jones will be officially taking possession of the Spanish Language center on the 16th of September, coinciding with his arrival in Guatemala. Many changes are expected to take place in the weeks following the purchase of the school. More PR reports are expected be released in the near future.


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