Shawn Anderson: “If you’re not living the life you want to be living, the book A Better Life can inspire you to get things right.”

Los Angeles, CA, December 5, 2016 -- Previously reaching #1 in both Amazon’s “motivational” and  “self-help” categories, the life-changing ebook, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over, will be available for free on Amazon on December 5th — 9th.

According to six-time motivational author Shawn Anderson, A Better Life is for people who desire more in their lives than they are currently experiencing. “If you’ve lost your motivational mojo, this book was written for you. It’s about a guy who becomes hugely frustrated about his life’s turn-of-events until he meets a powerful and mysterious teacher. The teacher shines a light on 21 magical life lessons that have the intensity to change hearts, minds and lives.”

Anderson, author of the popular book SOAR to the Top!, continues, “No matter what life has thrown at you — no matter what failures, tragedies or rejections you have experienced — tomorrow doesn’t have to be another day in a sequence of very bad days. If you’ve lost your job, ended a relationship or are feeling financial desperation, this book can absolutely spark a whole new attitude and beginning.”

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