No matter how far automobile owners go to protect their cars and trucks from damage, dents, scratches, and collisions happen. Finding and scheduling body paint repair can be even more frustrating than navigating insurance claims and accident reports, especially for the many Americans who maintain 40-60-hour work weeks. One company is changing the auto repair industry with an innovative mobile approach, and 1-800-Dent-Doc is thrilled to introduce mobile paint repair.

Already making a name for themselves with their paintless dent repair, seen at , the professionals at 1-800-Dent-Doc can not only deliver the highest quality automobile spot repair and paint touch-up but can also travel to the client, going above and beyond what other specialists can offer.

From paint chips to key scratches and scrapes to small dents, the repair experts have the experience to return cars to their pre-damage shape, and because every associate vehicle is fully equipped with state-of-the-art body paint repair technology as well as a color matching system, the team at 1-800-Dent-Doc can meet clients wherever they are located.

The auto repair gurus also have the advanced technology for mobile bumper repair, as outlined at , and can successfully help customers avoid expensive replacements by reversing crack, scuffs, and dents in plastic bumpers.

For mobile paint repair, bumper repair, and paintless dent removal, featured at , 1-800-Dent-Doc has the latest technology, highly trained associates, and competitive pricing to give clients the results they want, wherever they are.

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1-800-Dent-Doc has been the leading source for reputable body shop repair services for over 20 years. Based in Southern California, the repair experts work to provide mobile paint repair, paintless dent removal, and bumper repair at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops.

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