Do you want to learn more about rings, the metals they are made from, the stones they feature, their shapes and sizes? Please read the following paragraphes and improve your knowledge on Chinese rings (戒指), precious metals and stones (鑽石).

A ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn both by men and women. In general, it symbolizes something like the union of two people in matrimony or the promise of marrying somebody in the near future, but a ring can also be worn to showcase your financial status, or just to enhance your overall appearance.

A ring or 戒指, as the Chinese call it, can be a part of numerous categories. For example, depending on the metal that a ring can be made from, there are gold rings, silver rings, titanium rings, palladium rings, platinum rings and so on, and depending on the stone the ring features, we can have 鑽石 or diamond rings, emerald rings, sapphire rings and ruby rings.

Usually, rings are round to perfectly fit the finger of a lady or gentleman. However, some more unusual shapes can be encountered, as well, such as square rings, although these rings are worn more like a statement and an expression of one's personality than as a wedding ring.

Another factor that divides rings into numerous other categories is represented by the purpose of the ring. As such, there are friendship rings, promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings. In general, these are made from precious metals and feature even more precious stones.

Friendship rings symbolize a strong connection between two people. They can be offered by a boy to a girl or vice versa, and even from a girl to a girl or from a boy to a boy. Offering a friendship ring does not have a romantic connotation.

Promise rings, on the other hand, come with a romantic promise. Usually, they are offered by a man to his beloved girlfriend prior to the engagement ring. Just like engagement rings, so promise rings feature a stone at the middle.

Engagement rings announce an upcoming wedding and they are always offered by a man to his future wife. Most brides-to-be wear their engagement rings on the ring finger of their right hand prior to getting married and on the ring finger of their left hand after they get married.

Wedding rings are rings that are worn by men and women alike and symbolize the holy connection that is between a husband and a wife. Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Women that also want to wear their engagement ring place their wedding band first to be closest to their heart, and then the engagement ring.

Eternity rings are again offered by a husband to his wife, after spending a number of years together. These rings have a circular shape and feature a number of stones that equals the number of years the couple has spent together. Looking for beautiful rings to offer to your partner? Please visit our website and browse through a large collection of 鑽石 ( )or diamond rings suitable for any occasion or celebration. To find the most perfect ring 戒指 ( ) for your sweetheart, contact us today.