New York, NY ( ) December 23, 2009 Gold is selling for record prices. Nationwide, people are looking to sell gold ( by emptying their jewelry boxes, while others are biding their time, waiting for an even higher payout. Will the patient reap the ultimate reward in this situation?

If history has its way, the answer is no. Like the dot com and real estate sectors before it, this gold rush is one destined to reach its pinnacle. And when that “gold bubble” bursts, would-be sellers will wish they had acted sooner.

“Gold is at historic highs, and historically, no commodity stays at the top for long,” says founder Gene Furman, who watches the markets closely and correlates his company‘s gold buying price with current trends.

His expert recommendation is to sell gold ( now and sell smart. Currently, gold is valued so highly that it is actually possible to earn more money than you paid for certain gold jewelry pieces. Heirlooms, watches, earrings, and other even partially gold pieces are being bought for scrap gold.

To ensure you receive the highest payout possible, deal with an entity that buys gold based on its current market value. Pawn shops and home “gold parties” likely will not give you as large a payout. In such situations, sellers walk away with instant cash, but often lose out on much more.

The overriding theme of the current golden opportunity is fast becoming “Good things do not always come to those who wait.” In years to come, some will speak of “The Gold Rush of 2009” fondly as they recall receiving top dollar for their gold. Others will bemoan the opportunity they missed.

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