Cast of Badii Devrani shoots in Macau

Badii Devrani the story of an unusual arranged marriage between an older woman, Reeti, and a younger man, Vibhor, is a fascinating one. Set in the modern day Kolkata, though both Reeti and Vibhor are unaware of each other, destiny has other plans in store for them. As the story unfolds, the protagonists meet each other at a destination wedding in Macau. 


Reeti’s family is headed to Macau to attend the wedding with an agenda to meet Rajeev — a reputed doctor and a suitable partner for Reeti. On the other hand Vibhor is also in Macau to attend the same wedding function.  As luck may have it, Reeti and Vibhor come face to face and where Reeti mistakes him for Rajeev. What will this chanced meeting lead to? There is a past between the two families that resurfaces from time to time. This time around, the past, once resurfaced, will certainly change the fate of both Reeti and Vibor.


Shot exclusively in Macau, the makers have left no stone unturned to visually capture this important turn of events for the audience. Says Megha Chakraborty who essays the role of Reeti, “There will be a new character introduced, Rajeev who incidentally fuels the meeting between Reeti and Vibhor. It’s an interesting track and from here on the story will be seen in a new light.”

Adds Mudit Nayar aka Vibhor, “The entire crew was extremely profession and hospitable. The best part is that Reeti and Vibhor finally meet! From the gondola rides to the harbor and the beautiful hotel, the audience is in for a visual treat.”


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