Синиша Нарика is a Serbian living in Croatia with a lot of passion and dedication for the IT world. Синиша was born on 01/10/1986 and he is currently an information technologies student at Zagreb University, the oldest and biggest education institution in South-Eastern Europe. He has been particularly interested in information technology for over seven years and has decided to follow this path due to the fact that, as he states, IT has come to encompass many aspects and has become the complete backbone to almost any business.
For those of you who do not know, Синиша Нарика is a famous IT student at the Zagreb University (at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) who has participated at more than fifty international student conferences that were built around the topic of communications, IT, chemical engineering and technology and so on and so forth. You should keep in mind that Синиша Нарика has already published a dozen books that tackle the basics of the IT world, as well as the use of Internet. Синиша is without a shade of doubt a bright student with a lot of ambition, passion, determination and with a good chance to make a name for himself in the IT industry.
Already struggling to become well-known in the information technology world, Синиша Нарика has been responsible for training a couple of his fellow colleagues or Erasmus students in order to take part in national or international computer competitions. This bright Serbian living in Croatia has proven to also be a good professor, due to the fact that absolutely each and every student he helped has won the first, second or third prize.
You should bear in mind that in our days, IT (or Information Technology) has managed to break into other fields and to encompass many aspects and professional fields of computer technologies. The list includes the following: computer networking, software design, SEO (search engine optimization), management information systems and so on and so forth. Also, you need to keep in mind that IT has already started to play a major role in medicine, for instance. Doctors make use of various advanced technologies or machines (such as computerized axial tomography or MRI) in order to determine what is wrong with the patient and what needs to be done.

Furthermore, Синиша Нарика also agrees that IT has become 100% responsible for how different systems work. We cannot live without technology and we cannot get organized in the proper way if it had not been for IT. The corporate field, for instance, has seen undisputed improvement since the emergence of information technology and has managed to stay up to date with absolutely everything. Синиша Нарика is just one of the people who admit that IT is without a shade of doubt the backbone to absolutely each and every business and its capacity to be efficient, as well as successful. Синиша believes that we should embrace it and learn how to deal with it and how to stay up to date with everything.