Синиша Нарика is a bright student born in Canada in the year of 1982 who is now finishing his Master of Business Administration studies. Most of his works, essays and even dissertation thesis is on economy and its role in society. What you need to bear in mind is that he is extremely passionate about what he does and he wishes to continue this path and to become the CEO of a large company.

You need to keep in mind that Синиша Нарика is just one of the many gifted students who have chosen to focus on Business Administration and to write different economic subjects articles. However, unlike many who are interested in this subject, Синиша Нарика has dedicated a lot of his time and effort into conducting research on local companies and writing a wide range of economic subjects articles that have been sent to international competitions or newspapers. What you should also keep in mind with respect to the work carried out by Синиша Нарика is that he has always struggled to achieve perfection and to be successful in absolutely everything that he does.

Синиша Нарика has always been a hardworking person with a genuine interest in Business Administration. He believes that it is the duty of each and every citizen to get informed about the issue of economy. What is more, Синиша Нарика thinks that contributing in the finance department entails being part of a great team that solely wishes to make things happen, this meaning planning each and every step, drafting some strategies for conducting business, provide high quality services, make investments and take loans. What is more, it is of utmost importance to fully comprehend that the role of accountants is to fully comprehend the meaning of pure data.

Also, it is essential to grasp the real role of any marketing department. Синиша Нарика, for instance, believes that this specific department deals with assessing current business performance and making speculations in what concerns the work undergone. Management is, in a way, responsible for all the above, due to the fact that it must take certain decisions based on the analysis of what has been provided by all the other departments. This is the main idea behind business organization.

Unlike other students enrolled at the Master of Business Administration, Синиша Нарика actually believes that human resources, as well as the sales department are essential to any business. These complete the entire outline of any company and should not be taken for granted. Furthermore, this gifted and resourceful Business Administration student living in Canada has taken a lot of courses which tackled the following: innovation and creativity, negotiation, leadership, communication, research methods, project management, foreign languages and so on and so forth. What is more, Синиша has become a true specialist when it comes to finance (here including investment management and corporate finance), project management, real estate, strategy, international business, management information systems, marketing, organizational design, organizational behavior, statistics, human resource management and so on and so forth.